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Molly Lorraine Phalan

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My name is Molly Lorraine Phalan. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I received my MFA in Photography from Purdue University in the Spring of 2018 and my BFA in Photography from the University of South Alabama in the Fall of 2013.

I am a process based artist that melds traditional, historical, alternative, and digital photographic processes to explore my emotions, personal strife, and social surroundings. Underlying themes of space vs place, self-concept, community, and educational identity are prevalent throughout all of my work. Recognizing that I predominantly define myself through my location, relationships, and experiences has fueled these concepts.

Through the alteration of books and the creation of images through digital scanography, I create abstract references of my educational encounters as a student and a teacher. Educational identity is the term I coined to define my work and the idea that all individuals learn and grow differently with knowledge. As an instructor of the arts and an enthusiast for continued education, I intend on furthering my artwork pertaining to this concept. I currently instruct for the Art and Art History department at the University of South Alabama. 


Photography, Analog Photography, Alternative Process Photography, Digital Photography, Scanography, Mixed Media, Book Arts

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